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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Good Sound

With the abundance of smartphones and tablets comes a proliferation of Bluetooth speakers. And it makes sense: Although mobile devices have, on the whole, better speakers today than they had even a couple of years ago, they still can't produce the sound quality or the volume that a good speaker can. Trolley bluetooth speakers become more and more popular, car owners are almost fully equipped, especially young people in the car and relax while driving

Of course, what makes a "good speaker" depends on several factors. First is how picky you are about the quality of your sound. Most true audiophiles will probably try to avoid wireless speakers altogether; because Bluetooth demands audio compression, a lot of your music's fidelity gets lost in the journey from source to speaker.

The situation has improved of late -- Bluetooth speakers are more reliable and offer better audio quality than they did only a couple of years ago. For example, aptX, a long-standing audio codex that is capable of vastly improving the quality of Bluetooth-transmitted sound, has begun to be available in lower-cost consumer speakers.

That being said, if you're looking for a great musical experience at home or in some other place where speakers will probably stay put, then you may still want to consider a wired system.

But wired speakers won't help if you want to hang something off your bike, play music at the beach, and watch a movie on your tablet with louder volume than it can provide, or just quickly connect your smartphone to a speaker without having to deal with physical wires. And for that purpose, one of these speakers may work well for you.

Of course, while sound quality may be of primary importance when choosing a speaker, there are other factors as well. All of these devices are quite portable, but two are small enough to be dropped into your pocket. Four can also be used as speakerphones. Three can be wirelessly connected to a second device to offer either larger and/or stereo sound. And one speaker comes with built-in FM radio while another can be used to charge your smartphone.

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